I sign my photos RoSB, (short for Robert S. Blum), but please call me RS. That's me in artistic creative mode.

While I had been capturing images for decades, photography didn't click for me until I borrowed my first digital camera from my brother-in-law, Julian. He loaned me a Nikon CoolPix 950 (a very nicely designed camera) so I could document a trip to Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, and a cruise to Alaska. Suddenly I found that could capture images without worrying about developing film; I could immediately see what I had captured, and try again if the image failed to capture my intent. Digital photography allows you to master the fundamentals quickly, then entices you to experiment with light at a rapid pace. (At first I was so naive as to capture thumbnail-sized pictures of Alaska and think I could print them - that was lesson #2.)

I've owned a succession of cameras(*) since, in search of the instrument that could capture what I see in my mind. Understand that the reality you see with your two eyes and the reality that shows up on the photograph framed on your wall are two very different things. Color, subject, and emotion are recorded in images. It takes a photographic craft to present these attributes though contrast, composition, framing, texture, and lighting to tease out the emotion bit and to tell a story. Good pictures tell a story in short-form; like poetry they can infer and imply but be inscrutable and enchanting at the same time. It's poetry in light.

Capturing a person's attention is an art. It is also a science. The art is in seeing what's interesting. The science is using the camera and the computer to make "what's interesting" into captivating imagery that can spellbind. The funny thing is that once you master the "seeing" and the craft, any camera will do (but that's another story).

As I've traveled the world - Chile, Japan, Turkey... - I've worked to capture moments in time to bring to you as a gift of otherness. I will continue to endeavor to capture images with the following intention: I want to make you stop when you pass them... look... and get lost in their depths.

I specialize in color-contrast images. My favorite subjects a scenics, plant close-ups, slices-of-life, and candid portraits. I am no fan of the flash and prefer to work with ambient light, even when there is almost none of it. I can be convinced to do children's parties and weddings, too. As I say on my business card, essentially, you can ask me to create for you "Fine Art, Ambient Portraits, or Event Candids." If you want that, you can contact me, otherwise, please enjoy my website, Poetry in Light. [-RS August 21, 2010]
(*) Minolta DiMage 7, Canon 20D, Canon 5DMkII, Panasonic LX-3, iPhone.